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Les activités de l'Hôtel


Swimming pool in front of our restaurant - New!


To make your experience unforgettable at U.Story and add an even more refreshing touch to your stay, a magnificent swimming pool has been installed right in front of our restaurant.


Dive Shop - New !


Dive into adventure with our brand new dive shop at U.Story! From now on, diving enthusiasts can equip themselves and explore the underwater treasures right next to their bungalow.


Island Hopping - Nouveau !


Explore the paradise islands with our brand new Island Hopping service at U.Story! Now, set off to discover the region's hidden treasures, with exceptional island excursions directly from our resort.


Swimming and Snorkeling in our private cove


La hauteur de l’eau étant raisonnable à marée basse comme à marée haute, vous pourrez nager sans perdre pieds. We can if you wish you rent fins, mask and snorkel to discover the diversity of the aquatic world in our private cove.


Care and Wellness


Enjoy a delightful massage or foot reflexology performed by experts in the overlooking the sea settings of U.Story.


Visit the island of Siquijor


To explore this fantastic island we rent scooters for half or full day. The U.Story team will be happy to show you an itinerary that doesn’t miss anything: waterfalls, fish spa, traditional villages and much more ! The visit of the island can be organized with car and a driver

Together with our partners we can organize diving, arrange a day trip to the beautiful island of Apo, or a swim with turtles.



Major points of interest on Siquijor island


Cambugahay Falls


Located 2 km north of the town of Lazi, Cambugahay falls are one of the most beautiful point of interest of the island of Siquijor. They consist of tiered waterfalls with fresh water from natural sources. These clear waters meander about 3 kilometers downstream, creating numerous lagoons and small rapids before throw in the Bay of Lazi.


Tubod Marine Sanctuary


Located on the southwest shore of the island, this area of 7.5 hectares was declared a protected area in 1989. This reef is characterized by a long stretch of white sand, and a large sea seaweed bed followed by a slope dominated by the ramifications of live hard coral growth. This coast is home to many dive shops.


Cantabon Cave


This cave was discovered in 1985. It is approximately 300 m long 10 m wide. It is best to visit the caves with a guide who will provide helmets and flashlights to visitors (counting in 500 P). Ask the guide to get you to Kings Bed. Attention is very dirty this spring getaway 1 hour 45 approx.


The Old Enchanted Balete Tree


Located roadside, this centuries-old huge tree is just magnificent. At his feet, in a peaceful atmosphere, a spring water basin hosts a fish spa ! An urn can make a donation that will always be appreciated.